Evolution Research Review Topic

Evolution Research Review Topic

Science Daily article + extra research and analysis

Sources: Use 3 sources:

1.Summary of your topic on Science Daily (one ScienceDaily article relating to evolutionary biology), https://www.sciencedaily.com/
2.The original paper that is cited by ScienceDaily

3. Another paper related to your topic from a scientific journal

NOTE: do not pay for access to any article. If you need an article, ask me and I’ll try to get it for you.

Review:4 paragraphs (500–800 words) in your own words:

Paragraph 1: Summary of the topic you chose combining information from all four sources

Paragraph 2: Significance of the findings.

Paragraph 3: Analysis: address these questions:

a. Do your sources conflict?

b. Do they support/complement one another? How?

4. Paragraph 4: Analysis: address these questions:

a. What thoughts or questions do you have? especially as it relates to material that was covered in class?

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