-Factors influencing Urination.

fundamental 224 Unit 4: Chapter 46 urinary elimination

-Factors influencing Urination.

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-Factors influencing Urination.
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-Table 46-2 Common symptoms of Urinary alterations

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-Nursing assessment of urinary elimination; Assessment of urine intake/output and the characteristics of urine.

-Health promotion: Patient education, Promoting normal micturition, promoting complete bladder emptying, and preventing infection.

-Preventing CAUTI Box 46-10

-Review each of the 5 steps in the Nursing Process: How you would apply the Nursing Process in your care of the patient when focusing urinary elimination

What educational teachings would you include for a patient that has a Foley catheter?

What educational teachings would you include for a patient that has a UTI?

Incontinence can lead to client decisions to limit social interactions. What would be an appropriate response to your client? What educational teaching would you include in your teachings?

What are some noninvasive alternatives to catheterization?

How are urinary tract infections diagnosed? What is the role of the nurse in patient care?

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