Final Lecture Dressing Up Like a Firm I always close the semester with a lecture that integrates…

Final Lecture:  Dressing Up Like a Firm


I always close the semester with a lecture that integrates and summarizes the material.

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This is important for three reasons:

 To connect the concepts and enhance your understanding of the course.

 To demonstrate the relevance of the material to personal decision-making.

 To better equip those of you who plan to teach business.


This semester, my article titled “Lessons Learned When Dressing Up Like a Firm: Personal Strategic Management” will be the final lecture.  Access the article at   .  Please read the article, and submit a short essay (DO NOT EXCEED 1 PAGE) on how the lessons learned will affect your strategic decisions in the future. This is an individual assignment, and essays are due by _________TBA__________!  (If you are interested in the referenced appendices, see the rough draft of the paper posted on my faculty website.)



………….Answer Preview………………

The article Dress up like a firm is beneficial to students because they are able to view themselves as small business entrepreneurs in future. Therefore, reading this article has helped me to gain knowledge as well as enhancing personal strategic management skills. These skills are quite important especially when it comes to decision making. Through this article I am able to view myself as future business entrepreneur and use strategic management in decision making.

            The author of the article sates that main purpose of the strategic management is to make an explanation concerning why some of the firms usually outperform…


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