First review the Unit 3 Seminar archive. Use the Seminar Guide below to find out how to access…

 First, review the Unit 3 Seminar archive. Use the Seminar Guide below to find out how to access Seminar archives. Then, respond to these Discussion topics in a Word Document of about 250–300 words. Your paper should be in APA format and you should cite all references used. Submit the Word document in the Unit 3 Seminar Dropbox.How do ethnocentricity and cultural relativism help us understand the differences between levels of development in societies?What are the positive and negative outcomes on individual culture when post-industrial societies interact with hunting and gathering, pastoral, agrarian, or industrial societies?How does social structure determine the patterns of interaction between members of a society?



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Ethnocentricity is a practice that involves a particular cultural group believing that its ethnic group and practices are superior to those of another culture. It is therefore an attitude in a particular group of people that makes them feel inherent. Cultural relativism on the other hand is the modern study of predominant cultures and the interrelations between people. In understanding the differences between the levels of development in society, ethnocentricity is very important since it enables…..


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