Go to the Profit & Loss worksheet

  1. Go to the Profit & Loss worksheet. Elena has entered most of the income and expense data on the worksheet. She estimates revenue will be $825,000 in Year 1 and $1,400,000 in Year 5 of the shuttle service. She needs to calculate revenue for Years 2–4. Revenue should increase at a constant amount from year to year. Project the revenue for Years 2–4 (cells C7:E7) using a Linear Trend interpolation.
  2. Elena also needs to calculate expenses for payroll and rent for Years 2–5. She knows the starting amount for each expense, and estimates the rent in Year 5 will be $64,000. She expects the payroll expenses to increase by at least 6 percent per year and the rent to increase by a constant rate. Project the expenses for Payroll in Years 2–5 (cells C13:F13) using a Growth Trend extrapolation. Use 1.06 (a 6 percent increase) as the step value. Project the expenses for Rent in Years 2–4 (cells C14:E14) using a Growth Trend interpolation.

А CANYON TRANSPORT Profit & Loss Statement 25% 7.25% 33% Year 4 Year 3 Year 2 $ $ Year! 825,000 206,250 59,813 558,938 Year 5


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Go to the Profit & Loss worksheet
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