Have a creative and interesting headline and subheadline (optional) that reflects your review.

In this course, you’re learning how to listen to music as well as the history of Western art music. This assignment is for you to practice describe the music/sound you hear. Watch a concert of “classical music” (for lack of better term…meaning Western art music, composed music, etc. The kind of music we’re talking about in this course) online (as the live performance is hard to find these days…) and write a concert review paper.

It needs to be at least 500 words. For detailed instruction for the assignment and suggested performances, read this!

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Have a creative and interesting headline and subheadline (optional) that reflects your review.
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· Put your name, name of the performer(s)/event/show, date of the performance, name of the venue (if  appropriate), ticket price (if paid), link to the video/performance at the top left

· Have a creative and interesting headline and subheadline (optional) that reflects your review.

· It must be typed and double-spaced, using correct sentence and paragraph structure.

· It should be written using proper English grammar, syntax, and spelling.

· Your review must be AT LEAST 500 WORDS. More is good, but it doesn’t have to be long. What’s more important is if it’s interesting and informative.


· Intro:

· include some information/background about the performer/show/event, also include the date and performance venue.

· make sure to mention the format of the performance (virtual? musicians recording at home? all of the musicians on the same stage? with audience or without audience? put together of each recordings at home? etc.)

· Give a rundown of the performance, and talk about each piece/song/composition. You don’t have to discuss every songs, but pick at least three songs/pieces/movements to discuss in detail. (If it’s a performance of one long piece, try to talk about different sections) For classical music formatting please refer here:  https://content.ucpress.edu/chapters/2266001.ch01.pdf (Links to an external site.) .

· You may discuss…

· Featured sound/instrument(s)/techniques that stood out

· examples: “The second movement’s ‘Dance of the Birds’ musically depicted just that, with piccolos, oboes, flutes and bassoons simulating chirping and soaring flights of avian joy.”

· Tempos, moods, melodies, composition styles, etc.

· examples: “The shoulder-shimmying rhythm of Mahal original ‘She Caught the Katy’ increased the urge to dance…the next number, ‘Om Sweet Om’ from the new album, slowed things to a more sedate mode…”

· Lyrics, words, story behind the piece, etc.

· examples: “[The piece] was composed during the contentious midterm elections of 2010, and the composer did his best, as Seaton put it, ‘to imagine the sound of the political process.’”

· Something that you (or audience) have enjoyed/liked (or disliked)

· Quotations of the artist/musicians/conductor

· Any other details, observations, analysis that you found interesting

· Conclusion:

· Talk about the overall presentation/performance as well as overall experience.

· You may talk about:

· Musicians’ skills and the emotional impact of their performance

· example: “Overall, I was entertained throughout and recognized that it was an ambitious and complex production, and the players pulled it all off admirably.”

· How you/audience enjoyed (or not enjoyed) the overall performance

· Observations regarding the performance environment, ambiance of the venue, audience behavior, mood, etc.

· How musicians/orchestra/ensemble groups are performing under pandemic.

· Any other conclusion remarks


Formatting: followed the formatting instructions? (information on the top, headline, word count, etc.) 15 points
Context: Is your review informative? Readers who didn’t attend/watch the concert can get the taste of the experience? 20 points
Writing skill: Is your review interesting to read? Does it get readers to want (or not want) to see the artist? 15 points
total 50 points

*Please PROOFREAD your work before submitting. Have your friends read your paper. If you know you are not good at writing a paper, seek for extra help, such as writing center.

Performance Guidelines:

· Performance (recording) has to be from within a year. (Performance from 2021 to current)

· The recording has to be of a complete concert. (In other words, can’t write a review watching a clip of a performance)

· It doesn’t have to be a “live” virtual performance. (In other words, you can watch an archived video)

· Many of them are free, though if you’re able, please support. Sometimes there’s a suggested donation, or some are “ticketed” online concerts.

· Here’s a list of links to the online concerts and/or libraries. (*you do not have to pick a performance from this list. If you are not sure what you picked would work for this assignment, email me!)

· Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra:  https://www.bergenphilive.no/ (Links to an external site.)

· Great variety of concerts, live stream, archive, etc.

· Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center:  https://www.chambermusicsociety.org/watch-and-listen/ (Links to an external site.)

· chamber music concerts, live stream, and archive

· Berlin Philharmonic:  https://www.digitalconcerthall.com/en/home (Links to an external site.)

· One of the world’s best orchestras. They offer a free trial of their digital concert streaming if you want to take advantage of the opportunity to experience the best symphony orchestra!

· Colombia University’s Bach Concert:  https://www.millertheatre.com/about/news/bach-collection-is-now-available-to-watch-on-demand (Links to an external site.)

· If you love Baroque and Bach!

· North State Symphony YouTube Channel:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoDHvHp7Rcc7kGFQi-DGStw (Links to an external site.)

· North State Symphony is our local orchestra based in Chico and Redding. (I’m a member of this orchestra as well!) If you want to support the local group! They have some virtual concerts on YouTube. There will be some online concerts on this channel throughout the semester!

· This website has more links to upcoming events and libraries:  https://www.classicalmpr.org/story/2020/03/16/free-online-classical-concerts

Please do this one on either Mozart or Bach.


Thank you!

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