Health practitioners

communication and dissemination plan of stakeholders in mental health awareness project. these are samples, fill in the excel format.


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Health practitioners
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federal government

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Health practitioners (mental health specialists, general primary health care workers including doctors and nurses, and community health workers);2.

Persons affected by mental illness including those with psychosocial disabilities, their families, carers, and service user groups;3.

Civil society organizations including Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Community Based Organisations (CBOs), and Faith Based Organisations (FBOs);4.

The media at all levels (international, regional, national, state and district);5.

Donors including DFID UK, DFID regional or country offices, and other funding agencies; and6.

Policymakers, including WHO and Ministries of Health, other intersecting Ministries or government departments (such as social development, economic development, correctional services, police services, peace, and reconciliation), and parliamentary committees such as health, and related sector committees.

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