History / Challange Assignment Following paper is consists of three parts Part 1 Write a time line

History / Challange Assignment Following paper is consists of three parts: Part 1: Write a time line for French Revolution. -Includes all dates ……. …. -Writes an excellent reflection on what can be learned from the timeline Part 2: Coming-of-age Rituals: Initiation Rituals: Change of Status Rituals. To write short newspaper article about a ritual which helps children to become an adult, the ritual must be from Pacific Ocean region. – introduction is clear, informative and helps give the reader a sense of who, what, where, when, why
– comments on the stages of initiation are on-topic, clear, correct
– comments on the stages are creative and exhaustive
– personal reflections use examples ……. …. – personal reflections are connected to the course Part 3:
Answer following question for Ottaman Empire. a) What are the roots and basic features that define the community?
(The history of the place.) b) What institutions, rituals, traditions, or organizations reinforce or create a sense of continuity with the past?
(Often the religion and other social organizations.) c) What are the key characteristics, ideas and trends AND what are their influence on the community and the rest of the world?
(The things the world has borrowed or been influenced by.) d) What unique or interesting political organizations are used, particularly in response to imperialism or the West?
Who are the key political figures (if any are listed)? e) What is the impact of Western colonization on both the colonizer and colonized? ……. ….

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