How poems represent clinical encounters


-Introduction to each poet:
Analyze how poems represent clinical encounters
Demonstrate understanding of how literature is being used to raise awareness about bias in healthcare
Demonstrate awareness of the concept of narrative humility
Analyze a poem from our week’s readings
1. Choose one of the two poems(in the files). Re-read it, following the instructions in “Introduction to Poetry”
presentation. What specific features (such as word choice, repetition, imagery, metaphor, or structural features)
do you notice? You may want to respond to the questions I pose in my introduction to each poet. Cite specific
portions of the poem and analyze their significance. (Be sure to cite the poem you’re analyzing, following the
guidelines for citing poetry included in this module.)
2. What is your response to Sayantani DasGupta’s TEDx talk? What connections can you draw between
Sayantani DasGupta’s TEDx talk and the poetry ?
below is the link to Sayantani DasGupta’s TEDx talk video:

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