HSEM 3260: Final Paper

HSEM 3260: Final Paper

· 4-6 Pages

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HSEM 3260: Final Paper
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· Avoid generalities; use course vocabulary

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· Remember audience has general knowledge of terrorism, but not the specific event

· Minimum of 3 academic sources (Use your textbook, notes, and google scholar)

· Papers must have less than 20% in the similarity report on D2L.

· This paper is worth 100 points.

· Paper is due Thursday, April 29th


Paper Sections

1.  Title Page

2. Background of event/Type of Terrorism

3. Symbolism of the Act

4. Participants in the attack

5. Description of group responsible for attack

6. Factors conducive to terrorism before attack

7. Could attack have been prevented-holes in security

8. How have security forces changed since attack?

9. What has been done to prevent similar attack?

10. How has region/world changed since attack?

11. What are your suggestions/recommendations from stopping the next attack?

12. Reference Page

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