hello look at the question well and make 20 recently scholarly articles

Priority problem 1 : Hypertension

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Independent Intervention: Patient Education( About Medication adherence and Lifestyle Modifications please refer to case study ..must be evidence based and need good scholarly articles for references  )

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Collaborative Intervention : Team based Hypertension Management ( Which Includes- Nurses, Doctors, Pharmacists, Psychologists- please you need to be clear about each and every team members roles andresponsibilities for collaborative intervention  )

Priority Problem 2: Hyperlipidemia

Independent Intervention : Lifestyle Therapies/changes ( Which includes DASH eating plan or Dietary modifications , Regular physical activities etc please give other lifestyle changes)

Collaborate Intervention : Medication with references from ( references must be from Australian MIMS online, Australian Medicine handbook AMH only )

I need 20 scholarly articles references must be no older then 2011 and all have to be relevant and related ..

You must provide intext references for whatever you have taken from other sources..must be evidence based work ..

Only for Collaborative Intervention : Priority problem 2 (Hyperlipidemia)

Medication name:
Medication type:
Indications for medication:
Actions of medication:
Usual dose and route:
Any special precautions needed:
Education required specific to drug including common side effects:
Nursing responsibilities with administering medication

I have attached a template too to assist you ,in that template its clearly given what you need to write in your essay also please read the task description and follow each and every instructio


In: Nursing

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