In a push strategy, the focus is on ________.

In a push strategy, the focus is on ________.

Select one:

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In a push strategy, the focus is on ________.
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a. end users

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b. members of the channel who are targeted for promotion

c. stimulating demand for an offering directly from the end user

d. members who typically rely on advertising

e. end users who drive the distribution of the new product

In the context of online advertising decisions, ________ are visually appealing, full-page ads that are delivered before the viewer is directed to the intended web page.

Select one:

a. search engines

b. search ads

c. banner ads

d. microsites

e. interstitials

A plan for initiating a viral marketing campaign to specific customers is called a(n) ________.

Select one:

a. viral marketing strategy

b. diffusion process

c. seeding strategy

d. dark web

e. PR campaign

A unique feature of Snapchat is that shared information is ________.

Select one:

a. unique

b. not brand related

c. temporary

d. popular with older consumers

e. networked

________, one of the seven dimensions used by researchers to define a website interface, is a site’s ability to enable transactions.

Select one:

a. Connections

b. Commerce

c. Content

d. Communication

e. Community

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