In the Real World” Discussion Topics

PHYS 102

“In the Real World” Discussion Topics

You may choose your topic of discussion*, provided it is germane to the concepts covered in this module.

Construct an engaging 3-paragraph initial post that ties one or more of the module’s concepts to the real world.  The paragraphs should address the following points:

· Paragraph 1: Outline a general definition and description of the physics concepts/topics you have chosen to discuss*, referencing this week’s readings on the topics, as appropriate. Include descriptive features (as applicable) about the physics concepts – dependent factors, relevant terminology, conventions, common units of measure, etc.

· Paragraph 2: Summarize one or more impacts of the physics concept(s) to everyday life or aviation operations.

· Paragraph 3: You have two options for this paragraph:


1) Provide a real example, from an article or documented report (aircraft performance, incidents or accidents, for example), of the aviation impact of this physics concept.

2) Give us “your take” on the relevance and importance of this topic from your own perspective, by providing personal points of view or related experiences.

*Consider the following as good topic “starters” for discussion:

· What were your “Aha!” moments as you worked through the material?

· How does this module’s content relate to your professional career? Personal life?

· How does this module’s content relate to current events?

· Did you more deeply explore a topic only covered lightly in the course materials? What did you discover?

· What concepts (learning objectives) did you struggle with? What resources helped you overcome this hurdle?

NOTE: you may use one or more of the above (but not all) as primers to formulate your initial discussion post.

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