Increase Cases of Medical Error



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Increase Cases of Medical Error
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Increase Cases of Medical Error

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Despite the massive contribution that has been made to the healthcare setup, there is still a wide range of challenges coming along. Increased cases of healthcare-related errors have continued to be noted. This is a major threat to sustainable healthcare delivery, and measures should be set to ensure that this challenge has been managed (Laroche et al., 2020). According to the journal of patient safety report, more than 210,000 deaths are barely caused by medical error-related cases in the world. In a breakdown, there are about 1200 deaths caused by medical errors, which is s worrying trend.

Hypothetically, measures and doctrines should be adopted to ensure that this global challenge has been managed and controlled. Error omission cases that are recorded have added up to 444,000. Medicare patients have outlined that one in four charges of experiencing injuries, harm, and death when patients have been admitted to the hospital. There are various forms of healthcare errors that are like to occur in a normal setup. The error of commission is caused by receiving too little or too much of the treatment processes (Antunez et al., 2019). An adverse omission of the procedure causes an error of omission due to inadequate treatment. Over the period, the error of communication between the involved parties has been caused by limited communication and sharing of ideas. In this regard, error in content and diagnostic that is either wrong, missed, or delayed have led to increased death rates.

Therefore, the research framework will outline these challenges and the baseline that has caused this error. It will outline meaningful measures that can be set to manage these issues. It will outline the role of the stakeholder and measures that should be put in place to ensure that services are offered professionally (Anderson, 2021). Besides that, it will outline the role of the government policy in managing this challenge.

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