Intimate Relations

INTD 218, February 2021

Intimate Relations

For the over 400 million years they have been on dry land, insects have been interacting with plants and other animals to form a variety of alliances and partnerships. Many of these relationships are incredibly complicated. While some clearly benefit both partners, others are entirely one-sided in favor of the insect but always fascinating. Watch, learn and enjoy. As you move along in the documentary, answer this series of questions which enhance your enjoyment and education. The Answer to any one question must not exceed 20 words.


The Questions:

1. Why do ants protect the aphids?



2. How do ants protect their trees against leaf-eaters?



3. How do the ants protect against other intruding plants?



4. What happens when a wasp lays eggs in an acorn bud?



5. Why are there so may galls that look so different?



6. What arthropod has taken advantage of camouflage?



7. How does the Feather-legged bug attract ants?



8. How do stick insects get their eggs to a safe place?



9. Why do botflies need to use a courier for their eggs?



10. Why do so many insects lay their eggs in other creatures?




11. Why do the ants bring the blue butterfly larvae back to their den?



12. What makes the ants attack each other?

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