limitations and strengths of the study variable(s) 

Read the article below and report on the interpretation of a research findings in the article attached.

1. Evaluate the discussion section of the article attached and identify if the following was addressed. (Note, you need to show evidence, do not just say yes or no. Post what the researcher indicated that supports that these elements were addressed in the discussion section. Add the page number where you found them)

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limitations and strengths of the study variable(s) 
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a) limitations and strengths of the study variable(s) 

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b)hypothesis(es)/research questions 

c) theoretical framework

d) design

 e) sample  

f) data collection procedures

g) data analysis 



j)recommendations for future research 

2. After reviewing and evaluating the  “Discussion” section of the article, discuss the strength of the evidence supports a change in current practice (If you think it does, support your answer with evidence based literature. You describe what the article indicated and find another source to support why the strength of evidence support a change in current practice).

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