Literature Review Assignment Instructions

EDUC 635

Literature Review Assignment Instructions

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Literature Review Assignment Instructions
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You will complete two Science Literature Reviews designed to acquaint yourself with teacher-oriented literature in science education. For each review, choose a different journal article.

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For each literature review, you will prepare a 2–3-page typed report, including a summary and a reaction or analysis that describes how you would use the content in science teaching. Each review must include a title page and reference page and must be in current APA format. Refer to the rubric for grading criteria.

Use headings to divide your literature review into two sections:

Summary: Main points of the article are summarized in at least one page.

Reflection: Reflection page contains well-thought-through ideas of how to apply article content to teaching science.

Literature Review: Science Education and Teacher Inventory

Select a journal article relating to professional development in science education dated within the last five years.

Complete the Teacher Inventory, page 12, and comment in your Literature Review your thoughts on its outcome (Good and Bad).

Literature Review: Science Education

Select a journal article related to assessment in science education dated within the last five years.

Refer to Chapter 4, page 69 of your e-Book. The chart presented has 10 areas that could be used in assessing student performance. Select any 5 from the list of 10 provided and detail how you would use them in a lesson plan on a science topic you select; physical science, chemical science, genetics, or life science.

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