Maclaren, V. (1996) “Urban Sustainability Reporting,”

Read Maclaren, V. (1996) “Urban Sustainability Reporting,” in JAPA, 62 (2): 184-202.
Your task is to improve the sustainability of your lifestyle and reduce your environmental impact.
Identify six indicators (2 environmental, 2 economic & 2 social) for assessing and reporting on the “sustainability” of a particular aspect of your life (e.g., your household, your day-to-day activities, your mobility, your energy use, your diet).
For each of the six indicators, explain what the indicator will measure, how you will measure it, and why you believe it is a good indicator for tracking sustainability.
Estimations: For each indicator,
come up with a baseline estimate of your current impact (can assume normal behavior, covid/non-covid);
think of one or two interventions that can address your impact and, if possible, estimate the potential improvement,
describe the practical issues related to implementation and how they might be overcome.
Provide a brief reflection on your individual audit and plan, and consider issues associated with applying this approach city-wide.

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