MNG 00723 Assessment 1 Short written response (20 marks) 1500 words… 1 answer below »

MNG 00723 Assessment 1: Short written response (20 marks) 1500 words Due: Monday 9 am Week 5 Answer the following 3 questions (each approximately 500 words): 1. What is globalisation and how does it affect domestic businesses? In your response, include a definition of globalisation, and discuss at least three positive and three negative impacts of globalisation. (6 marks) 2. Explain Factor Proportions Theory and International Product Cycle Theory. Also discuss one limitation for each of these two theories using real examples. (6 marks) 3. Donald Trump, president of United States of America, announced the imposition of tariff on Chinese imports in the recent past. Based on your understanding of the first 3 topics of this

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