Motivational Interviewing Skills Paper

Motivational Interviewing Skills Paper

you will complete two different exercises, you will know from the number pages where the first assigment is page 225-226 and the other one is 353-355

Method 1: Looking Back

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The basic thing is you love each other. So, give Dmitri time and try to talk to him.

Method 2: Evocative question

Please don’t say it your fault; believe you wanted what is good for both of you. I know you can do it, right?

Method 3: Exploring goals

One of the challenges you and Dmitri are facing is the challenge of economic hardship. Therefore, aim at finding a job yourself.

Method 4: Exploring values and behavior

I understand that you love Dmitri but what he did to you was not right. Therefore, aim at talking rather than arguing when solving conflicts.

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