Nematodes case study

Can you please paraphrase the whole answers with the same thought written in the answer, because that is answered by me and my friend, we have to have different answers.
Nematodes case study

Questions to answer:

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Nematodes case study
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What would most likely be the disease and causative agent? Enumerate the common name/s.

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The patient is probably having a Entorobiasis or what we call the Pinworm infection. This disease is caused by the parasite Enterobius vermicularis. The common names of this parasite are the Pinworms or the seat worms. Now why is the common name of this parasite is the Pinworms? That is because an adult female pinworm possesses a clear, pointed tail that looks like a pinhead, that is why it is also called the Pinworms. The sizes of the adult female ranges into 7-44 mm length for the male it is 2-44 length. The male is rarely seen.

What laboratory technique is used to collect and identify this parasite?

The laboratory technique used to collect and identify this parasite Is the Cellophane tape preparation. They should get this in the perianal region of the infected patient. In this diagnosis one sample is not enough, the patient should have multiple samples so that the doctors can confirm the presence of the light infection. The stools samples can also be used in collecting the eggs or adult females on rare occasions. Eggs are the most seen in the samples but adult female can also be seen in the sample when they enter the perianal region to lay their eggs.

When is the best time for collection? Explain.

The best time for collection is when the patient just woke up in the morning. That is because during nighttime is the time where in the adult female lay their eggs in the perianal region when the body of the patient is at rest. They exit through the rectum of the patient. That is why when the patient wakes up he/she should first do the cellophane tape preparation before washing of defacated in order to recover the parasites from the patient. This preparation can also help in determining wether you have the eggs of the Taenia species.

What are the sample of choice for this parasite?

There are three simple techniques for the diagnosis of this parasite. The first option is when the patient is asleep you should look for the worms in the perianal region if the patient is asleep for two to three hours already. The second technique is when you the cellophane tape preparation where in you can see the eggs of the parasite is seen in the tape under a microscope. Since itching of the anal is also one of the symptoms of this parasite the third option should be the diagnosis of the fingernails under a microscope. Some infected patients may have contaminated their nails since they tend scratch their butt because of itchiness.

What are the prevention and control for this parasite?

There are so many preventive measure and control for this parasite. First is to of course, to practice proper personal hygiene. You can do this by simply regularly washing your hands. You can control the parasite by applying an ointment to the infected perianal area so that the eggs can be prevented to disperse into the environment. This can also help in the itchiness of the infected area. Also you can prevent and control this parasite by always cleaning your environment just like the linens and you should provide treatment to all the members of the households.


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