Nutrition & Fitness – English homework help Choose 2 of the 5 attached profiles and write at…

Nutrition & Fitness – English homework help


Choose 2 of the 5 attached profiles and write at least a 550-word Health and Wellness Summary for each individual.

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In your summary, include the following topics: An initial assessment of the person’s health based on the profile characteristics. Risk factors that this person may face. At least 2 suggestions to improve their specific health and wellness. 2 web resources you may send this person to consult based on your suggestions.


Preview of the answer…

Roger is a 55-year old long distance truck driver that works for long hours on a daily basis and engages in the unhealthy lifestyle of eating mostly fast food and processed snacks. Also, he is a heavy smoker that smokes a pack of cigarette and rarely exercises or has a regular physical activity routine. Additional information about this person is that he has a family history of high cholesterol and heart disease, which predisposes him to life-threatening health conditions. My initial assessment based on the above personal information about Rogers is that he is employed in one of the most stressful and demanding jobs in the United States, which prevents him from eating meals that will give him the necessary nutrients to maintain proper body function. When consideration is given to his age, family…

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