Organizational Patient Safety Argument Presentation Assignment

Organizational Patient Safety Argument Presentation Assignment

Please submit Parts 1 and 2 in the same Word document.


Part 1 – Let’s start to organize your main ideas with some free writing. Let these questions guide you, but don’t feel limited to answering them all or to stop after you’ve answered them. Just write and see what happens.

Part 1 – Freewriting prompt:

· What is my topic?

· Why does this topic appeal to me?

· What is my stance on the topic?

· How can I use logos (facts, statistics, expert opinions) to persuade my audience?

· How can I use pathos (emotional appeals) to persuade them?

· How will I establish ethos (credibility) with my audience?

Part 2 – Planning

In terms of organizing your information, consider the following questions. You can make the answers as informal as you like; this planning step is mostly for your benefit, but you should answer and think about each of these questions. However, the more work you do here, the better your connection to your audience will become, simply because you are thinking of them as you work on your Video Argument Presentation.

Part 2 – Planning prompt:

· How can I hook my audience? What exciting sentence or two can I start with to make them interested in my topic?

· Why am I qualified to speak on this topic (ethos)?

· What background will a general audience need to understand my topic?

· What are my main points in my argument?

· How can I organize those points most effectively?

· What is the other side of the issue’s main argument against my side?

· How can I counter that argument? What are the main benefits to the opposition if they adopt your position?

· How can I end my presentation with a call to action? What do I want my audience to do or believe after they see my presentation?

Please be advised this is part two of the Patient Safety assignment.

I have to present this assignment in a video format but before the video format, I have to have it in words document. Please follow each step.

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