Paper due Tommorow


Discuss the relationship between parents and children in the Iliad. Choose at least two parent-child relationships from the books (chapters) you have read and compare them to the final scene in which Priam goes to Achilles to ransom the body of his son, Hector (Book 24).Examples are: Khryses and his daughter, Khryseis, Achilles and Thetis, Hephaestus with Hera and Zeus on Mt. Olympus, Hector and Hecuba, Hector and his son, Astyanax.For this paper, I would like you to use at least two outside sources. I want you to use the Iliad, of course, but you may also draw upon analysis or other research related to your paper. You may use the internet or books, articles, etc., but you must properly cite them. If not properly cited, I will deduct points.This paper will be 4-5 pages in length (1000-1100 words). It must have proper formatting and include a bibliography (Works Cited) page. Remember to check your word count.

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