Part 1. Look for 3 articles online or at Fortune Bloomberg Businessweek Harvard Business Review

Part 1.Look for 3 articles online or at Fortune, Bloomberg Businessweek, Harvard Business Review, CNN or Google.The 3 articles should be relate to :


(1) one of articles: Walmart's supply chain

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(eg link:   or );

(2) Sencond of articles: Costco's supply chain;

(3) and third articles: General article of supply chain management

(eg link:  [ I am not sure that is correct for strategy of supply chain management)To answer the question: How do they relate to the primary topics discussed in Textbook chapter 1?1 page, double spaces, APA style, Plagiarism freeSent me link where you find the article ,and Copy the original articles, then underline material you used from articles. (this is not including in 1 pages paper you will write)I will sent you textbook after we shake hand.Don't use those artciles: (supply chain management in 2015 and beyond, building bench strength with supply chain graduates, tight market for industrial real estate impacts supply chain costs)

Part II:Use the artcle you find above third article, then to write 2.5 pages paper about The strategy of supply chain management.Don't use out of source than third artcile and textbook. Such as: sometime someone will use too much other articles to rise the pages. You can use the textbook and third article. Plagiarism free. Double spaces. APA style

Part III:To write one paragraph answers of this question: Gather mission or vision statements from two different companies, what do they tell you about the organizations? Is their mission or vision reflected in the way they do business?you can use walmart and costco company

 Plagiarism free. Double spaces. APA stylePosted: 4 years agoDue: 05/12/2015Budget: $20

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