Patient A – has been seen in clinic often. Does not have a job or income.

Patient A – has been seen in clinic often. Does not have a job or income. Is on a state-funded medical insurance. Patient B – is a single parent who works two part time jobs to make ends meet. Neither job allows them to qualify for health insurance. Patient states they are concerned about the cost of their visit and the only reason they visited the clinic is because their boss sent them home because of their cough and they were told that they can not return to work without a doctor?s note. – Both patients present to the clinic with a cough, tightness in chest, difficulty breathing and a slight fever. As a healthcare provider you have determined that both patients are experiencing a bout of bronchitis, but there might be an underlying heart condition that has not been previously detected. You notice that there is only a slightly elevated blood pressure, but patient does have a high BMI that registers near obese levels. Both patients might also be pre-type II diabetic based on age and weight, but further testing would be needed to confirm. 1. Address the following questions in your post and response posts: A. Would both of these patients receive the same level of treatment? B. Would both patients receive the same testing? C. Do you think it is important to know the patient?s financial and insurance status prior to treatment and examination?

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