Performance Testing.html

Performance Testing.html

Performance Testing

Psychological assessments used to measure performance are made to assess different individuals in a variety of ways. On an educational level, performance tests are often used to group children based on intelligence and skill levels. Performance tests are often thought to be predictive of an individual’s performance on future tasks that are of similar nature to those on the test. For this reason, organizations and businesses often endorse performance tests as a tool to help with decision-making when hiring new employees.

Performance tests are often referred to as a larger category of testing which includes ability tests, cognitive ability tests, and self-report tests.

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Performance Testing.html
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One of the adverse impacts of testing can be the rigid categorization of an individual based on only one score. The specific measurement of one test often has no contingency on many other facets of performance or intelligence, yet it can lead to an unhealthy psychological state for some individuals.

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Another result of psychological testing that sometimes impacts individuals adversely is how it is used in legal matters.

An example would be a person who is on trial for a crime, and knows that the results of a psychological test will largely impact, or completely determine, the outcome of his or her trial. In a circumstance in which culpability is being determined on the basis of one test, the impacts of testing can change the trajectory of an individual’s life.

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