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Personality Type.html

Personality Type

The content of which any given test is composed varies based on what construct is being measured. There are numerous different types of psychological assessments, and based on the content of the test, the format varies with it.

A common way in which information is gathered is through responses given to a series of statements. The statements are usually responded to using some type of scale, and the options on the scale vary along a continuum.

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Personality Type.html
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An example of a test that utilizes this type of assessment technique is the big five profile, which asks individuals to rate the degree to which they agree to given statements, and it measures five core personality traits.

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Another type of test presents test-takers with statements and only offers two choices, or agree/disagree in order to gather responses.

For example, the Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator places individuals into four dichotomies based on their agree/disagree responses. In certain businesses and organizations, tests are given in order to estimate what type of management style job candidates have. As a means of deciding whether individuals would be a good fit with the company’s values and goals, the management style inventory was created and also utilizes a two-choice response format.

Most of these tests are administered in settings controlled for environmentally confounding factors, and use a pencil and paper for individuals to complete the tests. Some newer tests, however, are taken at assessment centers and are given using a computer.

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