Physical Evidence and Servicescape assignment help criminology

Physical Evidence and Servicescape assignment help



ASSIGNMENT 4 – Instructions [worth 10 points]

This assignment is based of the topic-areas in the slides of Chapter 10 (Physical Evidence

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Physical Evidence and Servicescape assignment help criminology
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and the Servicescape).

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For the work to be done here, you will have to refer to your Assignment 1.

This assignment now concentrates further on the ‘Servicescape’ aspects of the service

blueprint developed by you for your chosen business/firm.

Begin with by laying out the details of the current servicescape as you see done by you in

Assignment 1 {your description here needs to build on the material from Chapter 10}.

How can the servicescape at your chosen business/firm be improved to increase the

positive cognitive, emotional and physiological responses of the customers/stakeholders,

thereby increasing the likelihood of their improved satisfaction and performance?

Please discuss the Interior and Exterior features of your chosen business/firm (ambient,

design and social factors – as seen in Chapter 10) which could be helpful in achieving the

satisfaction of the stakeholders. Include a narrative/detailed explanation to accompany

the following table in your report.

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