Please please somebody help me with EXCEL SOLVER – how do i get the answer sensitiviy analysis…

Please, please somebody help me with EXCEL SOLVER – how do i get the answer, sensitiviy analysis, and limit report, thru EXCEL Solver. Please and thank you very much The production manager for the Classic Boat Corporation must determine how many units of the Classic 21 model should be produced over the next four quarters. The company has a beginning inventory of 100 Classic 21 boats, and demand for four quarters is 2000 units in quarter 1, 4000 units in quarter 2, 3000 units in quarter 3, and 1500 units in quarter 4. The firm has limited production capacity in each quarter. That is, up to 4000 units can be produced in quarter 1, 3000 units in quarter 2, 2000 units in quarter 3, and 4000 units in quarter 4. Each boat that is held in inventory in quarter 1 and 2 incur an inventory holding cost of $250 per unit; the holding cost for quarter 3 and 4 is $300 per unit. The production costs for the first quarter are $10,000 per unit; these costs are estimated to increase by 10% each quarter because of increase of labor and material costs. Management has specified that the ending inventory for quarter 4 must be at least 500 boats.

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