Please read below and draft a response You are visiting one your organization’s plants in a poor…

Please read below and draft a response: 

You are visiting one your organization’s plants in a poor nation.  You discover a young girl (under the age of 16) is working the factory floor.  The company has a strict prohibition on child labor.  You remind the plant manager of the policy and insist that she should go back to the local school.  The plant manager tells you the girl is an orphan, has no other means of support, and the country has no social services to provide for her.  As the executive, what should you do?  Explain your answer with a well-constructed and cogent response.


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Please do not use redundant sentences. 

Must be at least 500 WORDS. 

Must include 2 sources, in additional to the book reference. 

Must use APA Format.   

Book reference:  

Hill, C. W. (2018) International business: competing in the global marketplace

      (12th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw Hill Education 

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