Policy Soup: Dealing with the Aftermath of a New Cybersecurity Policy

Policy Soup: Dealing with the Aftermath of a New Cybersecurity Policy



Policy Soup: Dealing with the Aftermath of a New Cybersecurity Policy

1. How can the local government officials convince residents that this “invasion of privacy” (collection of personal information during account registration) is necessary and for their benefits?

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Policy Soup: Dealing with the Aftermath of a New Cybersecurity Policy
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1. Should the local government suspend implementation of the new policy for 90 days (180 days?) to allow members of the public to comment on the new policy? Why or Why not?

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Actions for ‘Policy Soup: Dealing with the Aftermath of a New Cybersecurity Policy’

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Prepare a 5 to 7 paragraph “Expert Opinion” for local government officials. This document should briefly present a strategy for communicating with residents about a new “cybersecurity” policy that places access restrictions upon the local government’s online services website.

Background: Due to increased hacking attempts against the Service Request system, the local government adopted the new policy without allowing time for public comment. There has been a significant amount of backlash including a protest by sports coaches and youth group leaders who were unable to file reservation requests for ball fields and meeting rooms in local Parks & Recreation facilities. https://iacademicessay.com/2021/06/06/im-working-on-a-social-science-report-and-need-support-to-help-me-study-attache/

The newly adopted “cybersecurity” policy requires two-factor authentication (logon/password, PIN) in order to gain access to online services. The registration form requires name, address, cell phone number, email address, date of birth, and the last four digits of the individual’s social security number. The PIN is sent to the cell phone number (text message) or email address each time an individual attempts to logon to the Service Request system. If the PIN is not entered correctly, the logon will fail and access to services will be denied. https://getacademicessay.com/6588/feedback-refers-to-taking-a-part-of-the-output-signal-and-feeding-it-back-into-t/

Your “Expert Opinion” (document) should address the following issues:

Post your briefing statement as a response to this message (do not use an attachment). To get you started, use this link for example of city privacy rights: https://www.google.com/search?q=city+government+services+invasion+of+privacy

Provide in-text citations and references for 3 or more authoritative sources. Put the reference list at the end of your posting.

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