Professional Journal Articles

C. Writing Activities — You will be required to write at most a two page paper on each of two
periodical reviews you will do. (Professional Journal Articles) The periodicals are to deal specif-
ically with some form of Healthy Lifestyle Issue. Each review should include a summary of the
reading, how the information relates to the health topic, and an evaluation of the usefulness of
the content. Place your name on the top right, date, and course number using the following bib-
liographical entry. (10 points per article} Below is a sample review outline.
Students Name
Course Number
Hooker, Traci J. (2004) The school of the twenty-first century. Phi Delta
Kappan, 9, 682-87.
You summarize the article, in one page explaining what the author(s) say(s).
Give your opinion on cach part of the article, in one page, explaining with, “I believe….°, “I
D. Research Projects –
You will need to complete a 7 day food/exercise diary complete with a nutritional and caloric
breakdown. At the conclusion of the 7 days will need to write your conclusions after analyzing
the data in a one to two page summary. (10 points)
You will need to write a 4-6 page paper that provides an in-depth review the risk factors associ-
ated with heart disease and how one might choose a lifestyle that helps to prevent the develop-
ment of cardiovascular disease. (10 points)
E. Exams — In order to ensure the success of students, a variety of testing activities will be used.
There will be two exams during the course of the semester (20 points each exam)
All written work is to be original copy, typed, and double spaced following APA guidelines.
All work will be graded for content, spelling, grammar, style, syntax and following direc-
tions. (See rubric for grading guidelines)

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