Properties of Life Chapter 1 of the text highlights the nine properties of life. Briefly describe…

Properties of LifeChapter 1 of the text highlights the nine properties of life. Briefly describe each of the nine properties and discuss how things like a virus, prion, and viroid can reproduce, but are not considered to be alive. Address the question: how can things like these that are not considered to be alive “evolve”?Your assignment should be 250-500 words in length.……………Answer Preview……………

The nine characteristic or properties of life are as follows: Growth and self-organization, made of cells, taking in and giving off energy, respond to the environment, reproduce. Lifespan, adapt to the environment, evolve and interdependence. (Urie, 2012)

Growth and self-organization. Growth is defined as the increasing size by adding new cell or  by increasing the size of a cell. There is an order in structure…………….APA448 Words Added to cart

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