The problem/issue that I am concerned about writing is on the roles of Nursing Leadership in problem solving, change and conflict resolution in the workplace. Nurse bullying is a systemic, pervasive problem that begins well before nursing school and continues throughout a nurse’s career (Nurse Adm, 2019).

I am interested in this topic because where I currently work which is a long-term care/retirement living setting, there is a lot of conflicts amongst staff members and this is a very critical and sensitive issue, in that if the nurse manager does not manage the situation properly or in the proper way it will lead to a lot of chaos in the healthcare setting.

A typical example of such conflicts is bullying in the workplace , presently in my workplace, there is a particular staff member who exhibits such bullying towards other members of staff, because of the current shortage of nurses in most healthcare settings due to the pandemic, the nurse manager who should have taken disciplinary actions against the bully, had to compromise so as not to loose more staffs, this compromise led to an even greater unpleasant event, as the bullying doubled after a short period of time and she felt untouchable because she knew her services will still be needed in the facility, this led to many other staff members resigning their positions because they could not keep up with the bullying situation any longer. The nurse manager who tried to compromise all along, in the end had to do the right thing and take the appropriate step in suspending the bully.

The nurse bullying phenomenon is well-documented in the clinical and leadership literature. It starts early and is present from the classroom to the bedside to the boardroom. One study showed that over a 6-month period, 78% of students experienced bullying in nursing school. In another study, over half of nursing students reported seeing or experiencing nurse-on-nurse bullying during their clinical rotations. Within the first 6 months, 60% of nurses leave their first job due to the behavior of their coworkers (Edmondson & Zelonka,2019)

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