Psychological Development and Generativity vs Stagnation Essay

Psychological Development and Generativity vs Stagnation Essay

Part A

  1. Compare and contrast Erikson’s generativity versus stagnation stage with his ego-integrity versus despair stage for middle and late adulthood. Include at least three examples from your text as you compare and contrast the two stages.
  2. Write a well thought-out paragraph for each of the following:
  • The occurrences that can affect positive or negative outcomes in Erickson’s generativity versus stagnation stage.
    • Three proactive changes you can make personally to improve your generativity in your lifetime.

Part B

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  1. Describe the physical and cognitive changes that occur in late adulthood, including how some of these changes may lead to decline and eventual death.
  2. Explain how the processes of death and dying can have different outcomes or scenarios depending on choosing different paths. Use at least three examples of supportive evidence from your text.
  3. Write a well thought-out paragraph on each of the following:
  • Three proactive ways you personally can improve your physical health
    • Three ways you personally can improve your cognitive health in your lifetime

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