Cybercriminals 10) Should the government create
> new law specifically aimed at punishing cybercriminals? Why or why not?
> Should cybercriminals be punished in proportion to the alleged damages
> that they cause? Why or why not? Who should decide the extent of true
> damages caused by a cybercriminal? Why?
> Wireless Internet Use 9) Would you use our neighbor’s unsecured wireless
> home network? Why would you do if you find out that someone was using your
> wireless home network? How should the law handle such abuse and how should
> violators be punished? Should those leaving their networks unsecured be
> punished as well? Why?
> Internet Databases 8) Do Internet databases mean the end of privacy? Why
> or why not? Should the government gathered in Internet databases? Why? How
> can people change their behaviors so that less personal data is available
> in Internet databases?
> Mistakes in Software 7) Who should be responsible for mistakes in
> software? Why? If users find bug such as security bugs, should they
> disciplined after reporting the bugs? Why? Should those who design a
> system be legally responsible if their products results in errors or
> damage? Why?
> Accessibility Guidelines 6) Should the government require that all Web
> sites meet the W3C accessibility guidelines? Why or why not/ Do Web sites
> hosted by disability organizations have a moral obligation to meet the
> guidelines? Why? What can be done to encourage people and organizations to
> make their Web sites more accessible?
> Media Downloads 5) Should the government tax media downloads, such as
> music, video, e-books, newspaper articles, and magazine articles? Why or
> why not? Should digital content delivery be considered a service rather
> than a good taxing bodies? Why?
> Telecommuting 4) Is telecommuting good or bad businesses? Why or why not?
> Are some businesses or job positions better suited for telecommuting? If
> so which ones? Do some people simply lack the self discipline to be
> productive while telecommuting? Is so how should managers make this
> determination?
> Application Software Comparisons 3) Application Software comparisons Web
> application are becoming increasingly popular, and some people prefer the
> convenience of using a Web application instead of application software
> installed on their computer. For example, some people prefer to use Google
> Docs ( a Web application) to Microsoft Word. Your boss notices this trend
> and asks you whether it will benefit the company to use Web application
> installed of application software. Compare application software installed
> on your computer with a comparable Web application. Are any security risks
> associated with using eh application software? How do the features compare
> between a Web application and the application software? Would you
> recommend using a Web application to application software? Why?
> Browsers2) Browser comparisons Although Internet Explore may be the most
> widely used Web browser, it is not only Web browser in use. Evaluate and
> compare reviews of other Web browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, or
> Firefox wit Internet Explorer. Discuss the major differences between the
> browsers you researched and Internet Explorer. Examples of differences
> might include the number and types of features, how they display Web
> pages, and the speed at which they perform. Include in your discussion
> which browser you would recommend and the reasons for your recommendation.
> Blogs 1) Start your web browser and visit Click the “take a
> quick tour” and go through all the screens that explain about a blog. What
> did you learn that you did not know? What type of blog do you find most
> compelling a group or an individual blog? Why? The 10 questions request to
> be : Level : College English
> : Deliver in 10 days
> :Minimum 4 paragraphs in each one.Get back to me asap.

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