Reflective Analysis #2 – Creating Competitive Advantage – Business Level Strategy The second… 1 answer below »

Reflective Analysis #2 – Creating Competitive Advantage – Business Level Strategy

The second written assignment / deliverable is to write a Reflective Analysis that incorporates your readings as assigned thus far, as well as your responses to the following:
The competitive risks of focus strategies include: A competitor’s abilty to use its core competencies to “outfocus” the focuser by serving an even more narrowly defined competitivesegmentDecisions by industry-wide competitors to serve a customer group’s specialized needs that the focuser has been servingA reduction in differences of the needs between customers in a narrow market segment and the industry-wide market

Based on your professonal experience, which of these have you seen in evidence and how have you seen them addressed? If you have not seen any of these addressed in your practice, please provide explanations of how they might be addressed in the context of your organization. Please be detailed and specific in your analysis.
Your paper should be a minimum of 1000 words, double spaced, and submitted in Microsoft Word format. My company is xfinity Leasing.

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