Research Project part 1

Week 4 Research Project part 1

Submit Part 1 of the project that covers Requirements 1-3 of the project. Use IDEA for Requirement 2 and Tableau for Requirement 3 when asked to use the software.  Be sure to include your analysis, reports and a copy of the history file for IDEA for each report provided.

Click on the link above to upload your paper.

Please remember to run your documents through the Plagiarism Check Draft in Start Here to review the percentage taken from other sources prior to uploading here for final grading and the final plagiarism check.  Also review the grading rubric to ensure you are meeting the criteria.


Share the highlights of your project for part 1 with your classmates using one PowerPoint slide.  This is just a graded practice for the final presentation since you will be doing your final presentation.

You will be completing the attached case titled Urgent Medical Device, Inc.  KPMG_Audit_D&A_UMD_CaseStudy.pdf

throughout this course.  You will be using various software programs such as IDEA, Tableau, and Excel so be sure all software is loaded into your computer.

· You will submit parts of the project starting in week 4 and the completed final project in week 7. Be sure to use the template provided and label each section you are completing each week clearly (ex. Abstract, Introduction, Requirements 1,  etc.) and review the instructor’s feedback for each part of the project, make any necessary adjustments to these sections for your final project submission due in Week 7.

· The total writing requirement is 10-12 pages (not including cover page, abstract, or references) using APA 6th ed. formatting. You should have a minimum of 6 peer reviewed references and/or authoritative references (FASB Codification System, SOX, COSO, COBIT, Auditing Standards, etc.) in total for the entire project.

· Be sure to review the grading rubrics carefully to ensure you have met all of the requirements, they are different for different parts of the project.

· The last week you will create and upload a presentation summarizing the major elements of your project submitted in week 7.  You will be discussing your presentation in Live.

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