Review the following scenario Aiden Keller is a fourth grader. Since he enrolled in…

Review the following scenario: Aiden Keller is a fourth grader. Since he enrolled in kindergarten, teachers have been concerned that AidenAiden Keller is a fourth grader. Since he enrolled in kindergarten, teachers have been concerned that Aiden seems to struggle more than the other children do, academically and behaviorally. Despite his teacher’s academic and behavioral interventions, Aiden continues to be easily frustrated, talks out of turn, and often refuses to work in class. In addition to falling behind academically, Aiden’s behavior is beginning to affect his relationships with peers.

Aiden’s parents were invited to attend a meeting with his teacher, school counselor, and assistant principal. The school professionals expressed their desire to make a referral for an evaluation to determine whether Aiden has a disability that requires special education support. Although the Kellers have known about Aiden’s problems and experience similar challenges at home, they are worried about their son being “labeled” and placed in special classes.

The Kellers’ concerns are valid and certainly not uncommon.

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Using the module readings, the Argosy University online library resources, and the Internet, research evaluation-related issues.

Then, imagine you are sitting with Aiden’s parents to discuss their concerns about evaluating their son. Incorporate what you learned in your readings and respond to the following:Explain how you would address the following to help the parents make an educated decision by describing the following:The benefits of evaluationThe long-term impact on their son of not performing the The legal and ethical issuesIf Aiden was your child, what would persuade you to allow the evaluation?

Write your initial response in 300 words. Apply APA standards


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Benefits of Child evaluations
From Aden Keller’s experiences, it is clear that he is not exhibiting behaviors of normal kids. For this reason, there is need for him to undergo evaluations in order to determine his social and physical needs that will enable him grow and develop well. As a result of these aspects, evaluation is important as it will enable Aiden’s teachers and parents to come up with decisions that will enable them care about him while caring and teaching him. This is because all decisions made will be directed to Aiden’s learning outcome….


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