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Annotated bibliography: Unified psychology perspective

Melissa Soto


South University

June 10, 2022







1) Kopsov, I. (2021). A New Model of Unified Psychology. Advances in Social Sciences Research Journal8(3), 363-384.

The study conducted by Kopsov (2021) has investigated a novel model from the perspective of unified psychology perspective and this model is based on the human behavior for which an algorithm has been designed. The model uses unified psychology as the behavior has been determined using the different approaches and aspects. These aspects include societal, psychoanalytical, intellectual, behavioral, biological as well as humanitarian approaches. The utilization of all these aspects for the development of an algorithm for defining human behavior is an excellent illustration of the unified psychology that the author has used in this article. By implementing a unified psychological perspective, the author has been able to determine the various characteristics related to human behavior such as their interaction with different people and living things within their society and also depicts how their body and cognitive functions alter their nature (Kopsov, 2021). From my perspective, the approach that is covered in this article is accurate as it helps the readers in comprehending the concept of unified psychology. Moreover, it reveals how different approaches are being employed to give the explanation about the psychological aspect i.e., human behavior.

2) Yih, J., Uusberg, A., Taxer, J. L., & Gross, J. J. (2019). Better together: a unified perspective on appraisal and emotion regulation. Cognition and Emotion33(1), 41-47.

In the research work of Yih et al. (2019), the authors have employed the unified psychological perspective to define the development of emotional feelings and their regulation. Concerning the unified perspective, different models and theoretical frameworks such as appraisal theory as well as interacting frameworks have been used. In my opinion, by using such a unified approach, the authors have achieved their goals of determining the emotional generation and regulation processes simply and understandably. Furthermore, the findings of the research show that emotional feelings are generated in an individual by utilizing the system for emotional regulation. On the other hand, the authors have also tried their best to find the step wherein they find that there is a need for some improvements, which they later resolved by altering the dimensions of appraisal (Yih et al., 2019). Thus, this article helps in strengthening the knowledge and concept of the future researchers about unified psychology, and thus, they can use this idea for their upcoming research.

3) Heras-Escribano, M. (2021). Pragmatism, enactivism, and ecological psychology: towards a unified approach to post-cognitivism. Synthese198(1), 337-363.

Heras-Escribano (2020) in their article discusses post-cognitivism by using various psychological approaches including ecology, enactivism, and pragmatism. The authors have claimed that in ecological psychology, the association and interaction between the environment and humans are studied, whereas, in enactivism, the sensory and motor capabilities of the individuals are determined. Both these frameworks together constitute unified psychology, which further helps in studying the post-cognitivism in humans. Thus, this article depicts the significance and the importance of unified psychology as through this field; different psychological concepts can be learned and easily investigated by combing various frameworks that are included in different fields (Heras-Escribano, 2021). I believe that the authors have done their best and investigated an excellent model using different approaches, just to give the concept of the unified psychology perspective. Moreover, in this way, a single aspect can be studied and their related factors can be studied easily. Lastly, the utilization of a unified psychology approach is significant in this study as it helped in explaining the psychological phenomenon effectively.

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