Screening for a substance abuse disorder Click on the link below to view the case scenario for this.

Screening for a substance abuse disorderClick on the link below to view the case scenario for this Assignment. While reviewing the case scenario please pay close attention to notice the answers to the following questions. Take notes to jot down the answers to these questions as well as anything else that you feel may be useful in identifying risk factors for this client in conducting an assessment for substance use disorders.Please carefully describe the client’s demographic characteristics.What is the presenting problem?What is the pertinent family history?What is the substance use history of the client’s family?What are some of the direct and indirect messages Marcella may have received from her family about substance use?What is Marcella’s education and employment history?What is significant, in terms of risk factors, about Marcella’s academic history?Describe Marcella’s social history?What is Marcella’s self-report of her substance use history?What is significant, in terms of risk factors, about Marcella’s description of her relationships with family members?

Review the case scenario by clicking case scenario here.

Using your notes please discuss the following factors, related to the individual in this case scenario: risk factors for developing a substance use disorder, protective factors that may help guard the development of a substance use disorder, other factors (cultural, genetic, etc.) that may contribute to the development of a substance use disorder. Be sure to support this discussion with academic support from the text and at least one outside source (be sure it is a scholarly source). Finally please draw in relevant information from the case scenario to illustrate the factors you have identified.

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Next, please discuss specific steps you would use to conduct an evaluation for substance use disorders with Marcella. Please be sure to describe all of the steps of the process and to end your discussion with a discussion of diagnostic criteria and whether or not Marcella meets sufficient criteria for a substance use disorder diagnosis.

Your paper should be at least 3 pages in APA style12 point fontdouble-spaced





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Screening for a substance abuse disorder

In the case, I was supposed to screen Marcella for any substance use risk or disorder or possible future risk in drug and substance use. Marcella is a fifteen-year-old girl who is bi-racial. She is African-American female. The referral was from the attending psychiatrist from the local community hospital. It was at this hospital where Marcella had been treated for an overdose of prescription pain medicine. From the information that I received from the file that the psychiatrist used, Marcella took the overdose of the prescription……………..


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