Self Talk Entails the Internal Dialogue Essay

Self Talk Entails the Internal Dialogue Essay

Part 1

In chapter 14 of your textbook, read about identifying self-talk on pages 284-285.  Now that you have an understanding of how to recognize self-talk, let’s put this into practice.

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  • For three days this week, using a journal, record your own self-talk that you perceive as negative, dysfunctional, or problematic.
  • When recording your self-talk, be sure to include the circumstances in which these thoughts occurred and how they affected your feelings and behavior.
  • At the end of the three days, review your journal and reflect on this experience.
    • Discuss the situations which led to negative self-talk.
    • Did you find that your emotions or behavior changed after the self-talk began?

Part 2

  • Read pages 286-296 and then conduct your own research using at least 1 other scholarly source on methods to control self-talk and adjust distorted thinking.
  • Then discuss 3 techniques that you believe would work for you to minimize or alter your tendencies to engage in negative self-talk and/or distorted thinking.
  • Explain your choices of techniques and why you believe they would be effective.

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