Step 1 Visit the official website of the Coca-Cola Company and identify the companyâ??s vision mis

Step 1: Visit the official website of the Coca-Cola Company and identify the company’s vision, mission, values, and goals. (Hint: You’ll need to do some exploring and a certain amount of speculation—as the terms “vision” and “mission” (and sometimes even the term “company goals”) are used interchangeably. Explore the “Our Company” and “Investors” links. Also, be sure that you look closelyat the most recent Annual Reports.Step 2:Critically evaluate the mission, vision, values, and goals (again, you’ll likely need to make decisions as to which is which). Use the criteria in the background materials to support your assessment of the quality of the company’s mission, vision, values, and goals.Step 3: Determine which (if any) of the elements consider the goals and needs of specific stakeholder groups. Write down any examples.Step 4: Consider what changes are needed to improve the vision statement, the mission statement, the statement of company values, and the company’s objectives and goals.Step 5: Write a 6-7 page paper addressing the above requirements.You must meetminimum length requirements, by responding to each step above with precision and with depth of critical thinking.NOTE THE FOLLOWING REQUIREMENTS AS WELL:Use of proper APA style is required in this course. Therefore, prepare your Case with proper documentation of sources, using in-text citations and a complete end reference list. Refer to the Well-Written Paper guide if you are not familiar with APA style.Consider the Case as a formal business report that you are developing for the Board of Directors and CEO as the Coca-Cola Companyconsultant. This is a professional document. Follow the format below:Note: You mustuse section headings to respond to all major requirements in all papers. Your section headings should appear similar to the following:Executive summary: This is a synopsis of the main points, conclusions, and recommendations made in the longer report. If you have never written an executive summary before, or would like a refresher, check this link: the main purpose of the paper (thesis statement), what you hope to accomplish, and how you will go about doing it.Main Body: The “meat” of the paper. Emphasize analysis, not just description. Don’t just give me facts – interpret them! Delineate separate topics or sections with appropriate use of headings.Executive SummaryIntroductionCompany’s Mission Statement and AnalysisCompany’s Vision and AnalysisCompany’s Values and AnalysisAlignment of Company’s Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals with Stakeholders’ InterestsRecommended ChangesConclusion

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