1. Create a view named vDepartmentInstructors that returns these columns:

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  1. the DepartmentName column from the Departments table
  2. the LastName, FirstName, Status, and AnnualSalary columns from the Instructors table.

2. Write a SELECT statement that returns all the columns from the vDepartmentInstructors view that you created in question 1.

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Return one row for each fulltime instructor in the English department.

3. Write an UPDATE statement that updates the vDepartmentInstructors view you created in question 1 so it increases the annual salary for each fulltime instructor in the English department by 10%. Then, run the SELECT statement you wrote in question 2 to be sure this worked correctly.

4. Create a view named vStudentCoursesMin that returns these columns:

  1. the FirstName and LastName from the Students table
  2. the CourseNumber, CourseDescription, and CourseUnits from the Courses table.

5. Write a SELECT statement that returns these columns from the vStudentCoursesMin view that you created in question 4:

  1. LastName, FirstName, CourseDescription.

Return one row for each course with three units.

Sort the results by LastName and then by FirstName.

6. Create a view named vStudentCoursesSummary that uses the view you created in question 4.

  1. This view should return some summary information about each student.
  2. Each row should include these columns: LastName, FirstName, CourseCount (the number of courses the student is taking), and UnitsTotal (the total units for the student).

7. Write a SELECT statement that uses the view that you created in question 6 to

  1. get the total units for the five students with the most units.

Return the LastName, FirstName and total units for each of those students.


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