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Human being’s attributions are also expressively driven by their emotional and motivational initiatives. Accusing other individuals and avoiding personal recrimination are merely self-serving explanations (Harvey & Weary, 1985). A human being will often make attributions to support what they perceive as attacks. They will even try to accuse victims of their fate as they seek to distance themselves from thoughts of suffering the same predicament. A human being will also try to ascribe little variability to other individuals than themselves, looking at themselves as more complicated and less foreseeable than others (McLeod, 2010). To establish the effects of attribution theory, it vital to look at the elements that influence humanity in explaining their world. Some of these elements include correspondent inference theory, common sense psychology, covariation model of attribution, and a three-dimensional attribution model. These elements are discussed in the following paragraphs (Aronson, Wilson, & Akert, 2003).

Correspondent inference theory state that individuals conclude an individual when his/her deeds are freely selected is unforeseen and causes a small number of anticipated impacts. According to researchers, in this element of attribution theory, individuals make conclusions by investigating the conduct context. It demonstrates how individuals tend to figure out an individual’s characteristics from behavioral evidence. Human beings make conclusions based on three influences. predictability of conduct, degree of choice, and impacts of someone’s actions (Harvey & Weary, 1985).

Common sense psychology tries to explore the nature of relationships amongst different individuals and expose the concept of what is known as naive psychology. Researchers believe that individuals observe, analyze, and interpret behaviors with attributions. However, individuals have different attributions for humanity’s behaviors (Harvey & Weary, 1985). Researchers find it vital to put attribution into two categories. Personal and situational attributions. When a personal attribution is established, the cause of the given conduct is appointed to the person’s characteristic such as mood, attitude, personality, ability, efforts, and disposition.&nbsp.

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