SWOT-Environment San Jacinto College SWOT-Environment San Jacinto College Research  the…

SWOT-Environment: San Jacinto College

SWOT-Environment: San Jacinto CollegeResearch , the website for our college. What is the Mission Statement of San Jacinto College? What is your opinion of it?What is the purpose of a mission statement for any entity, in general?Complete a SWOT analysis of San Jacinto College. Include the chart you completed to do the analysis!What strategies does your analysis suggest? How will they support the mission statement? Be specific.How could San Jacinto College leverage its strengths to capitalize on its opportunities? Be specificHow could it mitigate (lessen) threats by bolstering weaknesses? Be specific.

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The mission of the college is to ascertain that students are successful, the transitions that are created are seamless and the lives of the individuals who live in the communities that are served are greatly enriched.

Mission statement’s purpose in a given entity

The statement is among the methods that can be used by an organization to provide justification in relation to the reasons as to why it………………………


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