The individual case study Harley Davidson Inc. Thriving through a Recession 2008 can be found… 1 answer below »

The individual case study Harley Davidson, Inc., Thriving through a Recession 2008: can be found on page 19-1 in your textbook.

Harley Davidson grew consistently through the 1990s however sales were showing signs of slowing as the baby boomers continued to age. For the first time in recent history, sales and profits declined in 2008 from 2007. After President James Ziemer reviewed the 2007 financial results, he noted that 2008 would be a challenging year for Harley-Davidson given the pending recession. Analysts wondered how the company would be affected in a deep recession. The main question facing Harley-Davidson is how can they continue to grow at its past rate?

You are to read carefully the Harley Davidson case study in its entirety. You will analyze the case study and provide the following information:

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1. Conduct a SWOT analysis

The components of the SWOT analysis paper include:

Purpose Statement








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