The team research project will describe and analyze an issue experienced by an (your observation at

The team research project will describe and analyze an issue, experienced by an (your observation at public place) organization, which requires, required, or will require a resolution to be determined through the Project Planning and Control.  At least three scholarly references (excluding course texts) should be utilized and properly cited according to APA standards. This paper accounts for 10% of the final grade. 

The team research project assignment must be turned in on time and in the prescribed format.  The page paper should be no shorter or longer than s.  As in any professional environment, the paper should be typewritten and carefully crafted using proper structure, grammar and spelling. Papers should be double-spaced and prepared using the APA format.  Guidance for this style can be found in a number of sources, including the book entitled A Writer’s Reference, listed above as a supplemental text.  Please save and submit your paper in the Microsoft Word 2007 format, having a suffix of “.doc.”


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Following a one or two paragraph proposal for the research project to be submitted in the second week of classes, the full paper should comprise the following:

  Table of Contents Purpose is obvious Introduction This section should explain the reason for the project being considered in the first place.  It should be a brief discussion of what your paper will present. Background This section should be a brief history of how the target organization got to its current state and a description of the project requiring the consideration at hand. Statement of Study, Analysis, Proposal, and Recommendations Describe, in detail, the project being considered. Description of Project, its Planning and Control Explain here the project, its planning, process of implementation and control, you chose to focus.  Include the research procedures, people involved, and the method of whole project.  Mention should be made of the proposed evaluation system you will use to assess the effectiveness of the new plan. Conclusion Discuss the results, if you know them, of the project.  Bring the paper to a close. References Exhibits


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