This Essay is for a Political Science Course. 

This Essay is for a Political Science Course.

What are the origins, purpose, and issues confronting any International Organization today? Include the following:

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This Essay is for a Political Science Course. 
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a. A brief discussion of the origins of the selected International Organization;

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b. Identify the Organization’s purpose and its nature;

c. Identify, including a rationale or explanation of the issues facing the Organization and their implications for its future

.- The essay is to be 8-9 pages in length (excluding the bibliography page)

– Double Spaced

– Apa style to be used including in-text citations and a bibliography page at the end

– Minimum of 5 sources to be included

– Academic and credible sources to be used (No Wikipedia or non-credible sources)

– No subheadings in between the essay

– This essay is for a political science course

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